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Web 2.0 Basics and Pedagogy

A Guide for Educators

Web 2.0 Pocket Dictionary - has terms and jargon you need to know

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants and more!

What is Web 2.0 (it gets rather technical - don't sweat it)

Why Facebook is for old Fogies:,8816,1879169,00.html

Blogging in Education – look over

Will Richardson’s Site:


7 Things you should know about RSS:

RSS for Educators - browse this one:


Teach with Tech:

Wikis in the K-12 Classroom:

Steve Hargadon:

Wikipedia - good idea or not?

The website below has some links to free chapters from books and articles about wikis and education. See "Four Letter Words--"How wiki and edit are making the Internet a better teaching tool."

PowerPoint and Word viewers (if you do not have these programs you can view them with these)

Lee LeFevre's Web 2.0 Videos (you must convert to another format to view in Windows Media Player)
Converter Links

Blended Learning in K-12 - look over

A great educator's resource, but this section specifically address Web 2.0
I find the first three articles useful - read at your leisure.

Barry Dahl's awesome list of 2.0 technologies

Is “e-Teaching” Web Zero or Potentially Web 2.1?
Koichi Nakajima (journal article)

Copyright for Web 2.0

Top 20 Web 2.0 Applications

Hot Topic

Student containers:

Compare Wikis, Blogs, Forums, and Podcatchers

Technology Education - Educational Technology

Pretty much everything you'd care to know:

Best Practices in Technology Integration - encyclopedia, wealth of resources

Technology & Learning

Technology Horizoms in Education

Educational Technology Journals

International Society for Technology in Education

Learning & Leading with Technology

From Now On

Learning and Content Management Systems - a great open source application.

Collaborative Learning Environments - optional read

Learning Theory
Crash Course
Bloom’s & Gardner’s Chart
Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Platform Comparisons (wiki, blog, podcast, forums)

Blogging in Education – look over

Will Richardson’s Site:

Higher Level Thinking with Discussion Boards

This website provides some resources for teachers who want to set up blogs: (Mary Jo)


Podcasts: Where's the Learning?

Opponents and Challengers of Web 2.0


Jakob Nielson - Web Accessibility Guru
He's concerned with design. Ever seen a MySpace page? Most are ridiculous.

Here's an article that introduces a book by Andrew Keen challenging Web 2.0. What do you notice is missing from the article (perhaps it's in the book The Cult of the Amateur),1,5658225.story?ctrack=1&cset=true
A PDF version will be available in Course Documents since this link will most likely expire.

Web 1.0 --> 2.0

Here is a link to my research paper for EDUC 771 at UMBC. Notice that the classroom community aspect of online learning is there, but the only tool mentioned is discussion boards; no wiki, podcast, blog. I wrote it in 2002. It's dated.

Here are links to BrainPOP and One More Story: